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April 16

7 Awesome Things You May Not Know About Ambulances!

Old Style Ambulance Cart
In general, ambulances are everywhere – there are hundreds of thousands of EMS vehicles around the world. While we see them everywhere we look, there are a multitude of things that may not immediately come to mind when we see..Read More
April 12

The Nuts and Bolts of ACETECH™ Asset Intelligence: How It Works

Asset management graphic, benefits of ACETECH Asset Intelligence
Emergency services across the globe have coped remarkably well throughout the coronavirus outbreak, particularly given that a pandemic of this scale has not been experienced in decades. The NHS in the UK for example, has been able to increase the..Read More
March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
We would like to wish everyone, no matter where you are today, a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Although we might have to celebrate differently this year, we look forward to the brighter road ahead and recognise the sacrifice people..Read More
March 5

ACETECH Appoint New Director of Software Sales

Emily Hull, Director of Software Sales in North America
As ACETECH continues to gain traction around the globe we have found an increasing need to support the development of our increasingly popular SaaS offerings. In order to support this growth and continue to expand into new markets, we are..Read More
March 2

Safe Driver Behavior or Safe Vehicle Design?

Paramedic, Driver behavior safety
When it comes to ambulance safety, prevention is paramount. Is prevention addressing driver behavior or is it a safe vehicle design? From my point of view, it’s both and equally important. Let’s take a closer look at ambulance design and..Read More
February 24

Enhancing your EMS Agency’s Safety Policy

Enhancing your EMS Agency’s Safety Policy
The recent global outbreak of COVID-19 really highlights the need for strict safety policies in the EMS industry. It is vital that everyone is fully equipped and prepared to handle any situation. David McGowan gives a simple guideline at reviewing..Read More
February 5

ACETECH™ SOLAR Saves You Money

ACETECH™ SOLAR Saves You Money
It is vital that EMS Emergency Services fleets are always powered up. ACETECH™ SOLAR supplies an endless and unlimited source of energy, reducing the need for engine idle or return to base for shoreline power. This helps our clients to..Read More
January 25

L.A.’s New Firefighting Robot is the First of its Kind in the U.S. — And Can Go Where Humans Can’t

L.A.’s New Firefighting Robot is the First of its Kind in the U.S. — And Can Go Where Humans Can’t
Richard Winton Los Angeles Times With its bright-yellow armored body, grippy tank-like treads, plow nose and water cannon, the Los Angeles Fire Department’s latest piece of equipment looks more like a Star Wars sidekick than a firefighting assistant. But this..Read More
January 18

Welcome to the New Global ACETECH HQ

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Come take a look at the new ACETECH Global HQ situated in the heart of Ireland! See what makes us tick and why we are the multi award winning leaders in control and intelligence solutions to the emergency services sector!..Read More
January 13

Middlesex-London Paramedic Service | Case Study

Middlesex-London Paramedic Service | Case Study
Middlesex-London Paramedic Service is located in Ontario, Canada approximately 2 hours south-west of Toronto and is responsible for providing 24-hour emergency and non-emergency pre-hospital medical care and transportation to individuals experiencing injury or illness. Their dedicated teams of highly qualified..Read More