ACETECH™ SAFETY TECHNOLOGY creates an environment for safer, more consistent driving, with immediate driver feedback, monitoring vehicle speeds, and gathering data on every ride.

  • AVA Technology voice alert is a real-time coaching tool that helps drivers be safer
  • Driver ID monitors all journey data so you have insight into every drivers behavior
  • Vision camera system proactively prevents safety hazards


  • Coach safer driving behavior and make drivers aware of safety hazards
  • Gather data on every individual driver and encourage more responsible behavior
  • Prevent avoidable collisions with a camera system

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ACETECH™ AVA Voice Alert is a real-time coaching tool that helps drivers be safer. This feedback gives driving maneuver support, recommendations, and safety hazard and equipment status. Your drivers’ actions can improve safety, response times and customer experience, as well as reducing costs and carbon footprint.


Driver ID

ACETECH™ DRIVER-ID gives you visibility to every fleet driver and their behavior, by monitoring drivers journey data and highlighting speeding, accidents and other offenses. DRIVER-ID gives your fleet direct insight into journey data, and encourages drivers to be safer and more consistent out on the road.



ACETECH™ VISION camera systems help improve vehicle safety, efficiency and security by preventing accidents and having driver and vehicle footage when accidents do happen. Integrating our camera systems can prevent collisions that arise from blind spots, reduce risk of false claims and provide additional vehicle surveillance security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of feedback does the AVA module give to the driver?

The AVA module is set up to give both vocal and tonal feedback in the form of spoken warnings or beeps and clicks.

How does it coach better driving?
Can AVA be programmed with custom messaging or alerts?
How does Driver ID Work?
How many cameras can be set up with ACETECH VISION?
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