Power your emergency fleet to top performance and deliver the best service.

Technology that makes your fleet more efficient, safe and allows you to reach the highest performance.

A cloud-based fleet management software that allows you to access data 24/7

Never question where your assets are, and which assets need to be recalled or serviced.

Enable your paramedics to have full control of the vehicle.

Gain top energy efficiency and reduce your fleet’s environmental impact.

Reach your fleets ultimate performance

With ACETECH you have tools and support to power each aspect of your fleet management. Learn why emergency fleets choose ACETECH to reach ultimate performance.

Optimize each variable of fleet management

Instead of relying on old age technology or manual data collection, ACETECH vehicles have built-in efficiencies and data for each aspect of fleet management.

Extend your vehicle life warranty, by knowing exactly when vehicles need maintenance, and get access to asset availability so you never have to ask or guess where equipment wandered off too. Lower your response times while still cutting costs.

Make your trips safer from end to end

We know that an emergency doesn’t have to mean chaos, but without the right tools it can be.

All too often safety equipment is an afterthought, coaching drivers feels like a broken record, and accidents are only really understood when a compliance issue has already happened.

With our safety technology solution we reduce preventable crashes by 80%, and improve your crews driving behavior. With ACETECH get the right safety equipment, coach your drivers and access journey data.

Reduce exception events

The list of what can go wrong is long, vehicle failures, battery runouts, wrong stock spoiled medicine, lost assets, to name a few. But with the right preventable solution these events can truly become exceptions vs. the inevitable. ACETECH works with each fleet to minimize critical failures.

Enhance patient & staff satisfaction

If an emergency fleet was called, chances are the patient is not having the best day, so don’t make it worse with poor service.

Create as pleasant (as possible given circumstances) for your crew and patients. Whether that’s access to streaming on downtime, or simply appropriate temperature and control within the vehicle.

Actively Prevent Liability & Compliance Risks

Without preventative measures, liability and compliance risks seem like a pending (but often inevitable) doom. But when you have access to all the journey data, and preventative technology in place, it doesn’t have to feel like that.

In the case of an investigation or an accident, have all data, documentation and journey mapping in one place.

Meet (and exceed) the global standard

Just because things move fast in an emergency doesn’t mean we should stick with the status quo of performance. Save lives and elevate your performance to the global standard with GLOBAL PERFORMANCE BENCHMARKS. Access the power to perform, and make data-informed decisions.

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The largest and most complex emergency fleets trust ACETECH to power them to their ultimate performance