ACETECH™ ECO is technology built to reduce your fleet’s environmental impact, by cutting down on idling time and using solar energy.

  • ECO-RUN is built to cut idling time and fuel costs
  • SOLAR ENERGY are powerful panels created with emergency fleet vehicles in mind
  • AVA technology coaches drivers and reduces overall carbon footprint


  • Reduce energy costs with solar power
  • Better fuel economy and cut idling time
  • Create a more eco-friendly fleet

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ACETECH™ Eco-run is an eco-friendly system that turns off fleet engines when needed, reducing unnecessary idling. By cutting down on idling, fleets decrease their fuel burn, toxin emission and engine wear and tear. With Eco-run your emergency fleet establishes a more eco-friendly operation, lowers the cost-spent on fuel, and encourages better driver behavior.



ACETECH™ SOLAR are powerful solar panels specifically built for emergency service vehicles. These solar panels create an unlimited supply of energy, allowing your fleet to cut down on time spent in engine idling or returning to the base for shoreline power. With SOLAR your emergency fleets have more time on the road, with less of an environmental impact.



ACETECH™ AVA Voice Alert is a real-time coaching tool that helps drivers be safer. This feedback gives driving maneuver support, recommendations, and safety hazard and equipment status. Your drivers’ actions can improve safety, response times and customer experience, as well as reducing costs and carbon footprint.

ECO works with the following complementary products


Vehicle Intelligence Software

Track and maintain all your assets and within one place manage any recalls, or servicing.

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Connect Hardware

An all powerful arm-based processing core developed exclusively for the emergency service vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Solar panels be placed onto curved surfaces?

Yes. These are extremely lightweight and durable panels that have a large degree of flexibility, allowing it to conform to curved roofs of more modern vehicle designs.

Does SOLAR work on cloudy days?
Will ECO-Run work with my vehicle?
Does AVA have to record who is driving the vehicle?