Establish an edge with top-notch Emergency Fleet Vehicles

Sell higher quality vehicles, increase your profits and reduce time spent on faulty partners or malfunctioning parts.

Emergency fleets using ACETECH are experiencing:


Reduction in preventable crashes

Up to 76%

Reduction in unnecessary idling

Up to 30%

Lower maintenance costs


Extensions of life of vehicles

High quality vehicles that make a difference

Get top-notch vehicles that are reliable, with a localized supply chain, and training certificates for products.

ACETECH solutions are hardware and software you can count on, with a team backed behind it. In the event of any issues we provide customer service specialists that can assist your customers within 24hrs.

Mike Mccart
”Pulaski EMS appreciates being able to look at their ACETECH system because it is designed by thoughtful people who are integrating different aspects of each vehicle with an understanding of the EMS industry. ACETECH knows that Pulaski and other EMS fleets are not the same as truck drivers and delivery drivers, and that EMS drivers need to be able to do all these things and have it all integrated in one spot. This way, paramedics don’t have to find ways to mesh all kinds of different products together within their vehicles.”

Increase your profits by providing vehicles that are the best quality and value

Less than 0.1% of ACETECH’s equipment ever sold has presented any kind of issue…

and when it happened, our service reps troubleshooted in less than an hour… and in the 2 occasions where that failed, a replacement standard module was there within 24 hours.

Protect your reputation with a reliable partner

At ACETECH value and reliability are embedded into all our products and services. We help you deliver the absolute best, and give your customers the tools to elevate their performance.

We know that value doesn’t have to mean complication. Our products are made to be durable, standardized and interchangeable so we cut down on install time, and make it easy to repair when needed.
Our team is there 24/7 to support any questions and help you solve your problems to keep moving.
ACETECH stocks all critical components and interchangeable parts strategically around the world so you are never having to wait on parts.

Offer a competitive advantage

Sell vehicles that cost less to operate and give your customers an edge

Give your customers the gift of automatic and digital vehicle location tracking, mileage data and efficiency data.
Extend the life of your vehicles and uncover opportunities to shorten the time to get ready for the next call
Offer vehicles that can minimize idling and share shoreline connection frequencies.

Enhance customers performance and profits

Make the shift to become a value added partner that goes well beyond meeting technical requirements and delivering vehicles- help your customers achieve superior performance

Monitor your customer’s fleet performance on their behalf and make astute recommendations.
Work with our team to put together a solution that helps you meet the requirements of your customer.
With ACETECH you have all the data at your fingertips to prove that you are making a difference.

Provide your customers with vehicles that will meet (and exceed) the global standard

The highest performing vehicles built to meet and exceed global standard with global benchmarking data. Give your customers more power to perform, and make data-informed decisions.

Overview of ACETECH Solutions


Vehicle Intelligence Solutions

Get reports, alerts, and dashboards to make use of your rich data.

Learn more about Vehicle Intelligence

Asset Intelligence Solutions

Get reports, alerts, and dashboards to make use of your rich data. Schedule asset maintenance.

Learn more about Asset Intelligence
In-Vehicle Controls

In-Vehicle Controls

Add on sensors and outright expansions to bring additional data feeds.

Learn more about In-Vehicle Controls

ECO Solutions

Adds on to CONTROL 20PRO. Prevents unnecessary idling of the vehicle while monitoring vehicle conditions such as patient compartment, front cabinet, or drug compartment temperature levels.

Learn more about ECO Solutions

Tailored for Emergency Fleets and First Responders


Ambulance Fleets

ACETECH’s solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the EMS vehicle environment.

From intelligent control systems within the vehicle, to cloud-based reporting tools driving data on your fleet to save money, increase safety, reduce carbon and improve patient outcomes. Our driver behaviour system coaches safer driving while also providing deeper insights into your vehicles/fleet.


Fire Department Fleets

ACETECH understands the complex nature of Fire service organizations globally and provide a range of products to enhance your fleet.

Our Asset Intelligence solution utilises the latest in RFID technology to monitor, track and maintain critical assets such as extinguishers, hydraulic rescue tools, breathing apparatus and more. Our SOLAR system provides alternative energy while our Vehicle Intelligence products provide deep insight into vehicle behaviour, allowing you to see the data that matters most.


Police Fleets

ACETECH solutions are the perfect partner for your policing fleet.

Our ECO-Run solution reduces unnecessary vehicle idle, saving on vehicle idling, reducing fuel usage, wear and tear. Our control systems put your drivers in complete control of emergency systems including intelligent programmable TOUCH devices that put emergency lighting and other tools at your driver’s fingertips. Our Asset Intelligence solution utilises the latest in RFID technology to monitor, track and maintain critical assets such as ballistic vests, specialist equipment and more.


Amber Fleets

ACETECH provide solutions to a large variety of amber services.

From snow ploughs and gritters to highway maintenance, we gather insights in the cloud and tailor our systems to your unique needs. From journey replay to RFID asset tracking, we’ve got you covered, saving you time, money and reducing carbon emissions across your entire fleet.

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