Emergency Fleet Products Overview

Reach your emergency fleet’s true performance with cloud based fleet management software, safety features, energy-saving modules, and intelligent electronic control units.

ACETECH™ solutions integrate seamlessly with your emergency service vehicles, to boost your performance, improve safety and revolutionise the operation of your fleet.


Vehicle Data Tracking Software

A cloud-based fleet management software that allows you to access data 24/7.


Asset Tracking Software

An easy to use cloud-based software that tracks and monitors all your assets.


CONTROL Hardware

An intelligent ECU that provides drivers control of all automotive appliances, such as HVAC, lights, sirens, and more.


TOUCH Hardware

Touch screen display allows drivers full visibility of their vehicle and its equipment.


CONNECT Hardware

An all powerful arm-based processing core developed exclusively for the emergency services market, feeding you emergency fleet vehicle data in real time.



Technology built to reduce your fleet’s environmental impact, by cutting down on idling time and using solar energy.


Safety Technology

An environment for safer, more consistent driving, with immediate driver feedback, monitoring vehicle speeds, and gathering data on every ride.

How Do ACETECH Products Fit Into the Solution Packages?

ACETECH Products
ACETECH Solutions

Vehicle Monitoring & Intelligence

All your emergency vehicle data, stored, accessible 24/7

Asset Intelligence

Never question where your assets are, and which assets need to be recalled or serviced

In-Vehicle Controls

Enable your paramedics to have full control of the vehicle

ECO Solutions

Gain top energy efficiency and reduce your fleet’s environmental impact

Software Products
Vehicle Data Tracking Software
Asset Tracking Software
Hardware Products
CONTROL Hardware
TOUCH Hardware
CONNECT Hardware
Safety Technology