Vehicle Monitoring & Intelligence

All your vehicle data, stored, accessible 24/7

Optimize your fleet for ultimate performance by making data-informed decisions. Avoid spending time manually tracking vehicles, and instead get access to real-time data when you need it.

Save time by collecting all vehicle and location data automatically

Drive higher vehicle and driver performance with real-time monitoring

Access all the historical journey data you need in case of an incident

Without vehicle data – everything is chaos

Vehicle data is crucial for performance, it’s what can ultimately drive you to new performance levels and avoid chaos for good.

Manually collecting mileage for vehicles is susceptible to human error. While not having journey data could mean a liability risk in the event of an accident. Without vehicle data, decisions are made from assumptions vs. being data driven.

All your vehicle and location tracking data in a single place

Having data in real-time in one place, helps your fleet better perform. Get data sent directly to the cloud, and analyzed via our vehicle data tracking software. Find all the data you need in one place, so you can make data-informed decisions; cutting costs, improving efficiencies, and building a foundation of safety.

  • Vehicle location tracking analyzed for you
  • All vehicle data in one place
  • Driver behavior breakdown
  • Complete historical journeys

Higher performance starts with data

And increase your overall organization performance:


Schedule your vehicle maintenance with vehicle and mileage data collected automatically

Ensure your vehicle’s optimal performance with real-time vehicle data tracking

Know right away when your assets are up for maintenance. This way you can plan ahead as needed and have the vehicles that you need on the road.


Get all speeding and risky driving behaviors data when you coach drivers

Speed graphs, G-Forces, by journey – the works.

We’ve got a speed graph so the blue line is the speed of the vehicle. AND THE red line is the speed of the road so anytime we’re close or OVER that red line we’re very happy and then anytime we’re 20-30 kilometers above 510 15 miles an hour of it you’re kind of you know why are we going so fast…


Make swift fleet sizing and optimization decisions with accurate fleet data

Fully loaded fleet management data analytics

Dive deeper, find insights, drive a higher level of performance with Acetech’s fleet management data analytics. Our analytics program again which we’re launching this year 2021 will dive deeper than ever before to uncover trends and day millions of data points captured each day it will allow services that don’t cover preview your knowledge opportunities to perform at an even higher level.


Respond to incident investigations with all of the journey data you possibly need, in one place

A black box for your emergency Vehicle

All the journey data you need in case  an incident – The proper handling or prevention of a single incident pays for ACETECH – A blackbox for your ambulance: get all of the journey data you need in case of an incident or investigation Speak about the ratio of value to cost that most ACETECH customers experience, and how, considering potential risks and liabilities, or increased vehicle maintenance costs, customers typically see an ROI in as little as 30 days.


See exactly where your fleet is getting stuck with real-time vehicle location tracking

Real-time vehicle location tracking as easy as Google Maps

Know how long you are spending at hospitals offloading patients and uncover opportunities to shorten the time to get ready for the next call


The largest Emergency Vehicle Provider in the world achieves True Performance with ACETECH


All-Star Support that Predicts Your Moves

Forget about support response times. Our Support team predicts when you will need help and contacts you in advance.

Mike Mccart
”Pulaski EMS appreciates being able to look at their ACETECH system because it is designed by thoughtful people who are integrating different aspects of each vehicle with an understanding of the EMS industry. ACETECH knows that Pulaski and other EMS fleets are not the same as truck drivers and delivery drivers, and that EMS drivers need to be able to do all these things and have it all integrated in one spot. This way, paramedics don’t have to find ways to mesh all kinds of different products together within their vehicles.”

Product Components in Vehicle Intelligence Solution Package

Core Components:


Vehicle Data Tracking Software

Get reports, alerts, and dashboards to make use of your rich data.

Learn more about Vehicle Intelligence Software

CONNECT Hardware

Capture all of your data and send it to the cloud

Learn more about CONNECT Hardware

Add Ons:


CONTROL Hardware

Add on sensors and outright expansions to bring additional data feeds.

Learn more about CONTROL Hardware

Vision Hardware

Add on CCTV system to capture live video feeds inside and outside of the vehicle.

Products for True Performance

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