Asset Intelligence

Never question where your assets are, and which assets need to be recalled or serviced.

Track and maintain all your assets and within one place, and manage any recalls, or servicing. Maintain consumables in good shape, and monitor temperature. Ensure compliance regulation, by keeping maintenance schedules in check, all the while preventing loss or theft.

Effective Asset Tracking Solutions | ACETECH™Simply Trackdown Assets

Stop assets from going missing

Lower risk of malfunctioning or recalled assets

Reduce restocking times = improved response times

Ever have to track down (very expensive) devices?

As your crew is rushing to smartly and safely care for those they are serving, it’s not uncommon that a device gets left inside the hospital, or in another vehicle.

But when a device goes missing it isn’t just impacting the next customer’s service experience, it’s often thousands of dollars (really we aren’t kidding, a defibrillator alone is $30,000) just lost. Not to mention keeping track of the devices that are recalled, or being serviced.

Make tracking your assets feel like auto pilot

Instead of manually tracking all devices, asset intelligence can feel like auto pilot, happening digitally and automatically. With Acetech CONTROL hardware you’ll receive signals from passive RFID tags, data metrics are immediately gathered, analyzed and put in the cloud. Tracking your assets allows you to easily see:

  • All vehicle data
  • Improve driver behavior
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Increase vehicle availability and safety

With top-notch asset management improve your overall organization performance:


When assets go missing simply track them down and see the red dot blinking

Know exactly the location where the asset was last in the vehicle

Quickly view where your asset location is, and where that asset has been. Don’t worry about losing time and money on tracking down assets.


There’s Been a Recall? Get Your Team Alerted to Remove Those Assets from Service

No more liability risk for having recalled equipment in service.

When assets aren’t up to date it can be risky. But with notifications you can plan ahead and remove assets as needed.


Know Exactly What’s on Every Vehicle So Restocking Goes Smoothly

Make sure the right equipment is onboard when it’s show time

It’s a lot easier and faster to restock the vehicles if we know what’s in the vehicle. Combine that with the requirements for the next call, and you are now the superstar to increase your overall level of service.


Vehicle Temperature in Range? ✔Check

Too hot? Consumables go bad…

Keep consumables in check with automatic monitoring of the equipment that helps keep them in the range. Minimize cost of tossing overheated medicine.


The largest Emergency Vehicle Provider in the world achieves True Performance with ACETECH


All-Star Support that Predicts Your Moves

Forget about support response times.
Our Support team predicts when you will need help and contacts you in advance.

Myron Lachman, RSE
“I am extremely impressed with how robust, and dependable ACETECH has proven to be in the seven years I have used it to manage our fleet. ACETECH provides one of if not the best customer service supports I have ever experienced. Their people are as excellent as their product.”
Myron Lachman, RSE — Emergency Vehicle Technician Lead Hand of City of Red Deer Emergency Services

Product Components in Asset Intelligence Solution Package

Core Components:


Asset Tracking Software

Get reports, alerts, and dashboards to make use of your rich data. Schedule asset maintenance.

Learn more about Vehicle Intelligence Software

CONNECT Hardware

Capture all of your data and send it to the cloud

Learn more about CONNECT Hardware

Add Ons:



Passive, reflect RFID tags- are tags that you can put on all your assets or compartments

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