Elevate Your Emergency Fleet Performance

Put an end to manual vehicle data collection, minimize liability risk, and meet global standards of efficiency.

Emergency fleets using ACETECH are experiencing:


Reduction in preventable crashes

Up to 76%

Reduction in unnecessary idling

Up to 30%

Lower maintenance costs


Extensions of life of vehicles

Just because it’s an emergency it doesn’t mean it has to be chaos

Manually collecting mileage for vehicles is susceptible to error and can eat up time. A lack of general data makes it hard to have any journey data, plan for maintenance or make informed decisions.

Yet emergency fleets are forced to the highest standard of service, profitability, performance, and safety- because emergency situations call for it! Thus, having the right tools for your fleet is essential, it gives you control. You need a single platform that’s easy to use, easy to share and pulls in all your data in real-time.

Dean Wilkilson
“We have found ACETECH AVI, ECU and ECO-Run to be reliable, state-of-the-art products, backed up by a dependable and technical service team. ACETECH allows us to manage our fleet with more efficiency, operate more cost-effectively and make huge carbon savings in the process.”
Dean Wilkinson — Deputy Chief of Essex-Windsor EMS

Top performance, service, and compliance don’t have to be a myth

ACETECH knows that each variable is equally important, which is why we’ve built a solution that elevates your fleet to new levels

Put an end to manual vehicle data collection

And start planning ahead for asset maintenance

Location data, mileage data, efficiency and more uploaded digitally and automatically- feels like it’s running on auto pilot!
Find all the data you need in one place, get reports, alerts and dashboard, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.
Ensure the optimal performance of vehicles and assets with timely maintenance service scheduling.

Enhance your fleet performance to new standards

Get a higher overall fleet efficiency, with faster response times.

Optimize your fleet and minimize waste all around – from downtime, to fuel consumption, to assets going missing.
Automatically ensure that all vehicle mechanical systems, temperature, and battery charge are optimal, and eliminate bad surprises.
With real time vehicle monitoring and alerts- stocking is second nature, and navigating is as simple as using Google Maps.

Reduce liability & compliance risk

Enhance your prevention measures, and be prepared in the case of an incident

Access verifiable location and rich vehicle journey data for investigations, all in a single place.
By using asset intelligence technology, get automatic alerts if an asset is recalled.
Encourage better driver behavior with real-time (and automatic) coaching, as well as data on each driver in your fleet.

Meet global performance benchmarks and bring your fleet performance to new levels

Elevate each aspect of your fleet management with products built for the highest standard. Enhance your fleet’s efficiencies while cutting cost, improve environmental impact, and expand safety features.

Solutions for Emergency Fleet Managers


Vehicle Intelligence Solutions

Get reports, alerts, and dashboards to make use of your rich data.

Learn more about Vehicle Intelligence

Asset Intelligence Solutions

Get reports, alerts, and dashboards to make use of your rich data. Schedule asset maintenance.

Learn more about Asset Intelligence
In-Vehicle Controls

In-Vehicle Controls

Add on sensors and outright expansions to bring additional data feeds.

Learn more about In-Vehicle Controls

ECO Solutions

Adds on to CONTROL 20PRO. Prevents unnecessary idling of the vehicle while monitoring vehicle conditions such as patient compartment, front cabinet, or drug compartment temperature levels.

Learn more about ECO Solutions

Tailored for Emergency Fleet and First Responders


Ambulance Fleets

ACETECH’s solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the EMS vehicle environment.

From intelligent control systems within the vehicle, to cloud-based reporting tools driving data on your fleet to save money, increase safety, reduce carbon and improve patient outcomes. Our driver behaviour system coaches safer driving while also providing deeper insights into your vehicles/fleet.

fire department icon

Fire Department Fleets

ACETECH understands the complex nature of Fire service organizations globally and provide a range of products to enhance your fleet.

Our Asset Intelligence solution utilises the latest in RFID technology to monitor, track and maintain critical assets such as extinguishers, hydraulic rescue tools, breathing apparatus and more. Our SOLAR system provides alternative energy while our Vehicle Intelligence products provide deep insight into vehicle behaviour, allowing you to see the data that matters most.

police-fleets icon

Police Fleets

ACETECH solutions are the perfect partner for your policing fleet.

Our ECO-Run solution reduces unnecessary vehicle idle, saving on vehicle idling, reducing fuel usage, wear and tear. Our control systems put your drivers in complete control of emergency systems including intelligent programmable TOUCH devices that put emergency lighting and other tools at your driver’s fingertips. Our Asset Intelligence solution utilises the latest in RFID technology to monitor, track and maintain critical assets such as ballistic vests, specialist equipment and more.

amber fleets icon

Amber Fleets

ACETECH provide solutions to a large variety of amber services.

From snow ploughs and gritters to highway maintenance, we gather insights in the cloud and tailor our systems to your unique needs. From journey replay to RFID asset tracking, we’ve got you covered, saving you time, money and reducing carbon emissions across your entire fleet.

Ready for a true change in your fleet performance?

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