ECO Solutions

Gain top energy efficiency and reduce your fleets environmental impact

Cut down on energy waste and unnecessary idling, and use technology to extend the usable life of assets.

Eco Solutions for Emergency Fleets | ACETECH™Use solar power to recharge

Eliminate excessive idling and unnecessary fuel consumption

Change fuel-intensive driving behaviors for good

Extend battery power using solar technology

Keeping the engine running is costly (and unneeded) habit

Idling can burn thousands of gallons of fuel, emit harmful toxins and create unnecessary wear and tear. Not to mention the cost of gas alone.

Keeping the engine running is pretty common for crews as they are on the go. But does that mean it’s a habit we should encourage? No.

Save on fuel and maintain power for your fleet

Change your fleet’s impact and efficiencies at the same time. Cut down on idling time and coach driver behavior to save on fuel costs. Supplement energy supply with solar power built for emergency fleet vehicles, that can reduce your downtime and allow your vehicle to always be charging.

  • All vehicle data
  • Improve driver behavior
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Leverage every opportunity to save on gas

And increase your overall performance:


Smart Idling turns on and off the car exactly when it’s needed

Automatically creating better fuel economy

Using start-stop technology, your engine will turn off automatically when it’s not needed. If any low-voltage or temperatures are detected it can auto-start to keep equipment running.


Get AC/Heating systems to work even with the engine turned off

Because idling and comfort don’t have to go hand in hand

Even if the engine is off, this technology allows your crew the comfort and tools necessary to continue to perform. When the vehicle is off, crew members can still operate climate heating and cooling systems, emergency lights, cameras and communication devices. 


Let AVA gently ask the driver to slow down when not on a emergency call

Speeding is sometimes necessary but not always…

Get real-time feedback for safer driving manoeuvres, safety hazards and equipment status. Your drivers’ actions can improve safety, response times and customer experience, as well as reducing costs and carbon footprint. You can use AVA’s digital inputs to trigger messages from any device, as a standalone operation.


Use solar power to recharge instead of depending on idling

Reduce shoreline charging and ensure your fleet is always powered up and ready to go

These solar panels create an unlimited supply of energy, allowing your fleet to cut down on time spent in engine idling or returning to the base for shoreline power. With SOLAR your emergency fleets have more time on the road, with less of an environmental impact. 


Access web-based reports and level up your fleet performance

Monitor rpm, idling, fuel usage, carbon and cost savings, and improve your fleets performance in real-time

In a cloud-based software get access to your fleets information on rpm, idling, fuel usage, carbon and cost savings to monitor and improve your fleets performance in real-time. Check your fleet’s battery levels to see improvement over time and view fleet idling reports to identify pattern changes in fuel consumption.


The largest Emergency Vehicle Provider in the world achieves True Performance with ACETECH


All-Star Support that Predicts Your Moves

Forget about support response times.
Our Support team predicts when you will need help and contacts you in advance.

Dean Wilkilson
“We have found ACETECH AVI, ECU and ECO-Run to be reliable, state-of-the-art products, backed up by a dependable and technical service team. ACETECH allows us to manage our fleet with more efficiency, operate more cost-effectively and make huge carbon savings in the process.”
Dean Wilkinson — Deputy Chief of Essex-Windsor EMS

Product Components in ECO Solutions Package

Core Components:


Vehicle Data Tracking Software

Get reports, alerts, and dashboards to make use of your rich data.

Learn more about Vehicle Intelligence Software

ECO RUN Software

Adds on to Control 20PRO. Prevents unnecessary idling of the vehicle while monitoring vehicle conditions such as patient compartment, front cabinet, or drug compartment temperature levels.

Learn more about ECO RUN Software

Solar Hardware

ACETECH™ SOLAR are powerful solar panels specifically built for emergency service vehicles.

Acetech touch 10 pro with top spacing

Active Voice Alerts Hardware

Get Ashley onboard every vehicle to give your drivers real-time feedback on dangerous or excessive maneuvers: Reduce tire wear, fuel, and stress on critical vehicle compartments, caused by overspeeding or inefficient driver behaviors. (Requires Connect HW)

Products for True Performance

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