ACETECH™ CONNECT is an all powerful arm-based processing core developed exclusively for the emergency services market, feeding you emergency fleet vehicle data in real time

  • Track and monitor GPS data to improve driver behavior
  • Actively monitor equipment through cloud based software
  • Check in on vehicle health at any time


  • High-speed logging capability for incident data recording
  • Storage expansion via secure on-board Micro-SD
  • Mini-USB interface for diagnostics and data offload

CONNECT works with the following solutions


CONTROL Hardware

An intelligent ECU that provides drivers control of all automotive appliances, such as HVAC, lights, sirens, and more

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TOUCH Hardware

Touch screen monitors that give your drivers full control on the road of their vehicle and its equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my vehicle data?

All your data is fed in real time to your Vehicle Intelligence cloud-based software platform, allowing you to view your fleet health live at any time.

What types of data can I get from my fleet?
Can I monitor who is driving each vehicle?