A cloud-based fleet management software that allows you to access data 24/7

  • Monitor vehicle locations in real time
  • Use route replays to ensure compliance and reduce risk
  • Improve your fleet efficiencies with data-driven decisions

Software Features


Fleet Tracking

Access data on your fleet at any time. Monitor where vehicles are, where they’ve been, and drivers behavior throughout the journey.

Acetech - Make your trips safer from end-to-end


Use real-time coaching and alerts to encourage better driver behavior. In the case of an accident, use route replay for post-crash and incident reviews, to ensure compliance and reduce risk of your fleet.

Acetech Dashboard - Emergency Vehicle Fleet Management And Solutions


Make decisions on fleet efficiencies and optimization that is backed by data. Gather data on safety, speed, cost, and environmental impact to make the best decisions for your fleet.

Vehicle Intelligence works with the following complementary products


CONNECT Hardware

an all powerful arm-based processing core, feeding you emergency fleet vehicle data in real time.

Learn more about CONNECT Hardware

CONTROL Hardware

an ECU that provides drivers control of all automotive appliances, such as HVAC, lights, sirens, and more.

Learn more about CONTROL Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of reporting does the system provide?

Vehicle Intelligence provides a huge range of reports ranging from individual vehicle and fleet-wide reports on fuel usage, mileage, carbon savings, location reporting, journey reports, incident reports and much more.

How does it log overspeeding?
What does the driver behaviour data show?
What are the main reasons to get Vehicle Intelligence
Can Vehicle Intelligence be retro-fitted on my existing fleet?
What if I have different vehicle makes and models?