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Community Care Ambulance installs ACETECH Telematics and Driver Safety Solutions

Community Care Ambulance

Community Care Ambulance, a multi-tiered medical transportation service for Northeastern Ohio, recently installed ACETECH Vehicle Intelligence (Telematics) and Driver Safety solutions to their vehicles to help reduce preventable collisions and coach safer driving.

The ACETECH™ Vehicle Intelligence platform provides insights in relation to safety, location, driver behaviour, running time, over speed monitoring, journey playback and much more delivered with comprehensive analytics.

acetech telematics software

’Each year our team drives over many thousands of miles transporting patients for their medical care needs. While there are many factors that go into vehicle collisions like distracted drivers, speeding, and other unsafe driving habits; we at Community Care Ambulance wanted to minimize those factors by coaching our team to be safer drivers. Programs like Acetech can help create a culture of safe driving and with this partnership, Community Care Ambulance will be able to reduce vehicle collisions and our own distracted drivers.’’ – Danny Franks, CCA

CCA installs acetech telematics and driver safety solutions

We are delighted to be working with Community Care Ambulance to help minimize accidents and improve overall safety.

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