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Skyrocketing Cost Of Fuel Affecting your Operational Budget?


Those of us in the ambulance industry have certainly had many challenges thrown our way in the past few years. What may become the next most significant challenge to our industry, is the skyrocketing cost of fuel.

Skyrocketing Cost Of

We are sure these inflated costs are placing a huge, immediate, and unplanned burden on your budget. We have an answer that won’t lower the cost of fuel at the pump but is proven to reduce your average fuel consumption by up to 20% in most fleets.

ACETECH are Global Leaders in Safety and Sustainability Solutions for the Emergency Services Market. Our ECO-Solutions allow you to cut down on energy waste and unnecessary idling, and use technology to extend the usable life of assets.

Skyrocketing Cost Of

ACETECH ECO-Run is an environmentally friendly module that senses the temperature and battery voltage and turns your engine off and on when needed; reducing unnecessary idling. It reduces costs, promotes better driving behavior, and reduces emissions to create an eco-friendlier and more cost-effective fleet.

Plus, when used in conjunction with the ACETECH solar panels, the combined system can triple the life of the vehicle’s battery.  

Skyrocketing Cost Of


ACETECH™ SOLAR supplies an endless and unlimited source of energy, reducing the need for engine idle or return to base for shoreline power. The solar panels charge the emergency vehicle’s secondary battery which powers on-board equipment such as defibrillators, satellite navigations systems and communication devices.

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But the benefits don’t stop there – Get the answers you need.

In a cloud-based software (Vehicle Intelligence) get access to your fleets information on rpm, idling, fuel usage, carbon and cost savings to monitor and improve your fleets performance in real-time. Check your fleet’s battery levels to see improvement over time and view fleet idling reports to identify pattern changes in fuel consumption.






We can help you get the best performance from your fleets

is a global manufacturer of Vehicle Intelligence for emergency service fleets. Our solutions include cloud based fleet management