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ACETECH Telematics Buyback – Limited Time Offer!


There has never been a better time to make the change to the renowned ACETECH CONNECT with the introduction of our limited-time-only Telematics BUYBACK Program for all Legacy Telematics solutions.

Why is a correct Telematics Solution important?

Adopting a telematics solution developed specifically for emergency services is critical in ensuring that your fleet is running efficiently and effectively while also not breaking the bank! With the right telematics solution, you can expect to see decreased fuel costs (which we know is highly desirable in today’s current climate), improved safety, reduced maintenance costs plus so much more.

It is also proven to dramatically improve driver performance, according to research done by Nadine Levick, on behalf of the National Institute of health, that examined ‘’An Optimal Solutions for Enhancing Ambulance Safety: Implementing a Driver Performance Feedback and Monitoring Device in Ground Emergency Medical Service Vehicles.’’

There has been a dramatic and sustained improvement in driver performance in every measured area with this onboard computer monitoring and feedback system. Implementation of this system demonstrated to be a highly effective and sustainable approach to enhancing safety in ambulance transport, requiring minimal in-service training time and optimal safety outcomes in addition to cost savings in maintenance. Use of an onboard computer system with real-time feedback and monitoring should be encouraged for widespread implementation throughout the EMS system to optimize safety”.

You can read more from that research HERE.

So, how do you know which solution is the right one for you?
ACETECH Telematics B

ACETECH Vehicle Intelligence powered by CONNECT, enables you to achieve all of these results and is the only platform that provides real-time dynamic driver coaching via onboard Edge computing.  We have 16+ years of experience focused on developing leading-edge technologies for emergency services and offer a fully integrated solution to manage all aspects of your emergency fleet operations! Sounds great, right?

We are so confident that our solution will work better for you that we will buy back our competitors devices for money off the ACETECH CONNECT to power your fleet’s true performance. All you have to do is get in touch today and start your journey in unlocking your fleet’s true performance and join the thousands of already happy clients trusting our award winning technology globally.

ACETECH Telematics B

Simply click the link below to find out how you can avail of this offer and save money, save time and reduce carbon across your entire fleet with the ACETECH CONNECT today.


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