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TELEMATICS – What’s In It For The Ambulance Driver?


Not so long ago, we spent much of our lives out of contact with the wider world. Running late? They’ll have to wait, and hope you’re on your way. Arrived home without your key? You’d better hope a housemate turns up soon. For most of us these days, that world feels as historical as black and white TV.

We’ve become used to being constantly connected in our personal lives, but how do we feel when that extends to the professional sphere? While many of us are comfortable letting friends, family and social media know where we are and what we’re up to, how do we feel about the office knowing our precise location and activity at all times – whether or not we choose to upload that information?

In Emergency Medical Services (EMS), constant connectivity is a given these days. There’s no doubt that the enhanced efficiency, security and information-sharing represent huge upsides to the operation as a whole. What tends to get less attention is the perspective from those directly involved with such trackability – the paramedic driving the ambulance. What’s it like to have your speed, brakes and even breaks constantly monitored, as you go about the business of helping save lives?

Ambulance driver

In our experience, crews not only accept the huge growth in automated information sharing, but actively welcome it as a huge net positive on the ground. Any ethical questions around trust or privacy receive short shrift from paramedics. They chose this demanding life to help people, and time and again two things come across as crucial to job satisfaction: assisting more members of the public, and reducing stress levels.

If the attention that used to be given to the status of on-board equipment is freed up for the elements of the job that require human insight and initiative, it’s all to the good. And if data-led telematics can make the difference between arriving at the scene on time or a morale-sapping minute too late, so much the better.

The modern EMS fleet is connected to a central hub that always knows exactly where it is, how fast it’s travelling and how much range is in the tank or battery. It knows how long the crew spends on every callout, which decisions are being made and how they interact with the public.

Our intelligent vehicle tracking and performance management tools play a crucial role in this. ACETECH™ Vehicle Intelligence enables the smart, data-driven decisions that lead to faster responses, a safer workspace and a more efficient deployment of resources – all adding up to more help for more people, more quickly.

Simultaneously, ACETECH™ Telematics enhances security for both equipment and crews, providing a powerful deterrent to assaults or vandalism. It allows liaison with other emergency services, so a holistic response becomes the norm. It helps road safety, recognises driver fatigue and goes a long way towards protecting crews from many of the understandable, avoidable human errors that can creep into any shift as things heat up.

With an all-seeing eye keeping track on equipment charge levels, medicine stocks and even the traffic up ahead, the benefits to budgets, planning and vehicle maintenance routines are clear for all to see – but when it comes down to it, it’s the view from the cab that matters most: “Does this make me better at the job I love, and allow me to help more people?”

Once the answer to that is a resounding Yes, the case becomes as clear as can be.

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