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December 3

Demystifying RFID for Emergency Services Workers

asset tracking
Short for radio-frequency identification, RFID is a type of technology that enables the intelligent tracking of items via a tag. RFID allows the wireless use of radio frequency waves to transfer data from the RFID tag to an RFID reader..Read More
December 3

How London Fire Brigade Grew its Counselling Service After Grenfell and Coronavirus

Group of Firefighters
Words: Dr Anne Scoging, Head of Psychological Services, London Fire Brigade. In the three years since the Grenfell Tower fire, everyone at London Fire Brigade has come to understand our need as an organisation for high-quality, readily-accessible mental health support. Some..Read More
November 27

We’re All Connected – But Is Your Fleet?

fleet connectivity
In March 2020, millions of office workers transitioned to working from home overnight. In January 2020 only 5.7% of employees worked from home but as a direct consequence of lockdown, this percentage rose to 43.1% in April 2020.[1] Businesses rushed..Read More
November 26

ACETECH HQ Celebrates Thanksgiving Day!

ACETECH HQ Celebrates Thanksgiving Day!
ACETECH are celebrating Thanksgiving today along with our American friends and colleagues in America. In honor of the holiday, the American flag is flying high at our new headquarters in Ireland. We hope everyone has a healthy and happy start..Read More
November 26

Happy Thanksgiving America!

To all of our wonderful American friends and colleagues, while this years celebrations might be a little different, all of us at the ACETECH Global Team would like to wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving Day 2020.
November 25

Paramedic Chiefs of Canada

CEO Presentation
ACETECH’s CEO, Eric Gallagher, had the opportunity to present to the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada on Tuesday. This was our first time presenting live in our brand new Innovation Room! We were so excited to give a virtual tour of..Read More
November 24

Coronavirus Has Changed The Workload of Paramedics Across Australia

Paramedic, PPE, COVID
By Lauren Roberts and Chelsea Heaney Ambulance call-outs in some Australian cities have dropped by as much as 25 per cent since the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions, while some services say they are getting more calls about flu-like symptoms which should be going..Read More
November 18

How ACETECH Has Supported Emergency Services During COVID-19

How ACETECH Has Supported Emergency Services During COVID-19
It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on emergency services worldwide. Comparable only to that of the Second World War, the pandemic has turned our key workers into soldiers in the fight against the disease –..Read More
November 5

Web Developer Required

Web Developer Required
About ACETECH ACETECH™ is a global manufacturer of Vehicle Intelligence for emergency service fleets. Our solutions include cloud based fleet management software, specialist safety & eco-friendly modules and intelligent electronic control units. ACETECH™ solutions integrate seamlessly with our client’s emergency..Read More
November 4

Firefighter Mental Health: How to Manage On and Off-Duty Issues

Jon Dorman Fire Rescue1 Mental health has become quite the hot topic among emergency services personnel in recent years. We’re seeing experts weigh in on the effects of the stressful calls that first responders face on a regular basis. There..Read More