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EUROGAZA Delivers an Ambulance in Los Alcázares Integrated With ACETECH Solutions

EUROGAZA has delivered one of the first ambulances in Spain equipped with ACETECH RFID solution Asset Intelligence. The Mayor of Los Alcázares, Mario Pérez Cervera and the Councilor for Civil Protection, María José Benzal, received the new (SVB) ambulance recently for the municipal Emergency Service and Civil Protection.

The vehicle has been built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 416 CDI chassis. It has integrated ACETECH Asset Intelligence solution that tracks and maintains all assets, ACETECH Vehicle Intelligence that gives access to real-time data when you need it, ACETECH VISION camera system, Driver ID and more.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 416 CDI chassis

The Mayor of Los Alcázares has assured that ”this incorporation will allow to have two ambulances in the municipality that, added to the different all-terrain vehicles incorporated, make the Civil Protection and Emergency Service the best equipped in the entire area.’’

Among the improvements and novelties of this latest generation vehicle, Civil Protection explains, ‘’the interior parametry and the fleet control platform will allow to know in real-time any incident of the vehicle, such as routes, speeds, consumptions, etc.’’ In addition, they emphasize that this functionality ‘’will allow to correct ways of working, to carry out more efficient driving & to know at all times if the parameterized devices are inside the vehicle once the different interventions have been completed’’.

ACETECH Touch 10 Pro

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