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June 10

The Cost of a Loss: 12 Expenses to Consider When Calculating the Cost of an Ambulance Crash

Ambulance lights
Reimbursements continue to be challenging in EMS, and the future unfortunately doesn’t paint a favorable outlook any time soon. While sound billing practices and excellent provider documentation help prevent leaving money on the table, out of control expenses can erase..Read More
May 18

How to Monitor EMS Driver Performance

EMT Female Driver
Driver safety doesn’t just affect crews and passengers, it affects the entire community. With increased adrenalin, lights and sirens, and all the other distracted drivers on the road, the need for the appropriate assessment of driving performance in first responders..Read More
May 15

Peace Officers Memorial Day

Peace Officers Memorial Day
On Peace Officers Memorial Day, we commend the brave men and women of law enforcement for protecting and serving their communities. It is a day that pays tribute to the local, state and federal peace officers who have died, or..Read More
May 12

International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day
Behind the mask, the heroes are saving lives in silence. Happy International Nurses Day to all our real life superheroes and a huge thanks for your commitment, sacrifice, resilience and strength. Even in the most difficult of circumstances you continue..Read More
May 11

12 Ways to Save on your EMS Fleet Costs

12 Ways to Save on your EMS Fleet Costs
12 Ways to Save on your EMS Fleet Costs We all know how difficult (and expensive) it can be to run an ambulance service with constant financial pressures coming at you from all angles, all conspiring to erode your already tightening bottom line. Let’s be honest too, it’s not just..Read More
May 4

International Firefighters’ Day

International Firefighters Day
When people run away from danger, Firefighters run in. International Firefighters’ Day is a time where the world’s community can recognise and honour the sacrifices that firefighters make to ensure that their communities and environment are as safe as possible...Read More
April 21

ACETECH Celebrates LinkedIn Milestone!

Eric Gallagher, ACETECH CEO, pictured holding a cake to celebrate LinkedIn milestone
It’s hard to believe that only a little over a year ago we only had 24 followers and today we celebrate the huge achievement of reaching 2,000 followers. It has been a very exciting year creating and pushing out quality..Read More
April 16

7 Awesome Things You May Not Know About Ambulances!

Old Style Ambulance Cart
In general, ambulances are everywhere – there are hundreds of thousands of EMS vehicles around the world. While we see them everywhere we look, there are a multitude of things that may not immediately come to mind when we see..Read More
April 12

The Nuts and Bolts of ACETECH™ Asset Intelligence: How It Works

Asset management graphic, benefits of ACETECH Asset Intelligence
Emergency services across the globe have coped remarkably well throughout the coronavirus outbreak, particularly given that a pandemic of this scale has not been experienced in decades. The NHS in the UK for example, has been able to increase the..Read More
March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
We would like to wish everyone, no matter where you are today, a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Although we might have to celebrate differently this year, we look forward to the brighter road ahead and recognise the sacrifice people..Read More