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September 28

ACETECH support Accessible Counselling

ACETECH support Accessible Counselling
(Left to Right – Anthony Hannify, CFO, ACETECH, James O’Connor, Chairman, ACT and Ann Starling, Chamber of Commerce) ACETECH Vehicle Intelligence were delighted to present James O’Connor, Chairman of Accessible Counselling Tullamore (ACT), with a cheque of €500 yesterday morning...Read More
September 8

Know Where Your Assets Are When You Need Them

Know Where Your Assets Are When You Need Them
In 2015, the Gazette News reported that the Ambulance service had lost or left behind £215K worth of equipment during call outs between 2012 and 2014, including defibrillators and even a stretcher. [1] Crazy, right? Inventory control of ambulance supplies..Read More
September 8

How to Monitor EMS Driver Performance

EMT Female Driver
Driver safety doesn’t just affect crews and passengers, it affects the entire community. With increased adrenalin, lights and sirens, and all the other distracted drivers on the road, the need for the appropriate assessment of driving performance in first responders..Read More
August 21

Keep Your Fleet on Track with ACETECH TracSENSE

Keep Your Fleet on Track with ACETECH TracSENSE
Check out the new video on our AMAZING asset tracking solution ACETECH TracSENSE. TracSENSE eliminates common emergency services challenges around equipment, through greater visibility, provided by RFID technology. Teams are alerted in real time if they leave base without important..Read More
July 31

Data Analyst Required

ACETECH Data Analyst
Data Analyst Required ACETECH™ Vehicle Intelligence are looking for a talented Data Analyst to join our growing team of professionals worldwide. About Us ACETECH is a global manufacturer of Vehicle Intelligence for emergency service fleets. Our solutions include cloud-based fleet management..Read More
July 17


We have been VERY busy here at ACETECH’s HQ, a lot of exciting things are happening and we cannot wait to show you all. Come along on this journey with the ACETECH team and check out some of our fantastic..Read More
July 15

The Nuts and Bolts of ACETECH™ TracSENSE: How It Works

RFID technology
Emergency services across the globe have coped remarkably well throughout the coronavirus outbreak, particularly given that a pandemic of this scale has not been experienced in decades. The NHS in the UK for example, has been able to increase the..Read More
July 13

The Cost of a Loss: 12 Expenses to Consider When Calculating the Cost of an Ambulance Crash

Ambulance lights
Reimbursements continue to be challenging in EMS, and the future unfortunately doesn’t paint a favorable outlook any time soon. While sound billing practices and excellent provider documentation help prevent leaving money on the table, out of control expenses can erase..Read More
June 26

Emergency Services Need to Harness Latest Technology to Ensure Success

The effective digital transformation of emergency services is essential if it is to continue to provide the best possible Blue Light services, the General Manager of Public Safety & Defence at Telent warned. Barry Zielinsk, urged the sector to harness..Read More
June 23

Electric Fire Truck Could be the Future of Emergency Response

Electric Fire Truck Could be the Future of Emergency Response
Both fire trucks and fire engines have evolved steadily ever since the first steam engine truck made its debut. They’ve gone through several designs since then, before coming to the iconic red engine that we’re used to seeing on the road today. But,..Read More