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Sustainability is Key in Driving Your Fleet Forward

Sustainability is Ke

Climate change and air pollution remain two of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century, so it’s time to start minimizing the negative impact your EMS fleet has on the environment without compromising the efficiency of your 24/7 services. Sustainability is becoming a significant consideration for governments and corporations, which will change the shape of many industries. At the heart of this trend is an increasing global recognition that we need to reduce emissions, and ACETECH is committed to helping fleets meet sustainability objectives by reducing their environmental impact.  

ACETECH™ are committed to contributing to a better, more sustainable world. We have several products focused primarily on saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint while saving you money. The main three products that achieve this are: ACETECH™ AVA, ACETECH™ ECO-Run & ACETECH™ Solar.  


ACETECH™ AVA is an Audio Voice Alert module that was created originally with driver safety in mind, but it’s impact on driver speeding has had some serious ECO benefits. ACETECH™ AVA Voice Alert is an audio driver coaching tool that provides real-time feedback to coach safer driving manoeuvres and make drivers aware of safety hazards and equipment status. Coaching safer driving behaviours has a direct impact on the client’s fleet performance. The drivers’ actions can improve safety, response time, and customer experience, as well as reduce costs and carbon footprint. The module has spoken alerts that notify drivers when they are speeding off-emergency, alerts them to inefficient driving behaviours and has a direct impact on fuel consumption and costs. Coaching more fuel-efficient driver behaviours reduces the carbon footprint across the entire fleet. 

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Engine idling drives up costs of Emergency Service fleets. ACETECH™ ECO-RUN is an environmentally friendly module that turns your engine off and on when necessary and minimizes unnecessary vehicle idling. It helps reduce costs, promotes better driving behaviour, and reduces emissions to create a more Eco-friendly fleet. This module allows you to park with emergency lights, radio, cameras and climate control in operation, even when the vehicles engine is turned off. It monitors and maintains an optimal temperature environment, makes sure on-board medical equipment is receiving optimal charge, protects vehicles from theft, and creates detailed reporting on rpm, idling, fuel usage, carbon savings and cost savings. It has a secondary benefit of not only dramatically reducing fuel consumption, but also reducing wear and tear on engines, decreasing overall maintenance costs.

How ECO Run system works ACETECH™ Solar 

It is vital that EMS Fleets are always powered up. ACETECH™ Solar supplies an endless and unlimited source of energy, reducing the need for engine idle or return to base for shoreline power. This helps our clients to optimise their fleet operations, cut costs and minimize their environmental footprint. With this state-of-the-art system, you can keep track of your battery levels and fuel consumption on a desktop or mobile device. ACETECH™ Solar automatically charges your batteries to keep your fleet and electronic equipment operational. With reduced shoreline charging (which commonly comes from carbon intensive energy sources), the fleet has more time to spend on the road, resulting in smaller and more efficient EMS fleets. Always-on charging keeps equipment at optimum levels and ready-to-go. The reduced power consumption on the engine significantly lessens idling and reduces fuel consumption by up to 300l of fuel per vehicle annually. 

Solar module savings is in battery replacements per vehicle per year, which is reduced by between 40 to 60% per vehicle per year. Battery waste is a particularly prevalent problem, especially due to the critical impact it can have on the environment and biodiversity. In addition, the massive savings in greenhouse gas emissions and the significantly less carbonintensive production measures mean a massive saving on environmental impact. 


Sustainability is Ke



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