ACETECH™ VISION is a powerful camera system that provides emergency vehicle drivers and crew with 360 Degree vision.





Emergency service vehicles travel at high speeds while negotiating traffic and pedestrians. This puts them at a higher risk of an accident. ACETECH™ VISION cameras are developed to improve vehicle safety, efficiency and security. Integrating our camera systems can prevent collisions that arise from blind spots, reduces risk of false claims and provides additional vehicle surveillance security.



Removes blind spots and helps drivers manoeuvre vehicles with more ease, creating a safer journey for your crew and passengers.


Recorded footage of your fleet helps in the event of a collision / where claims are made, to protect your driver and your reputation.


The camera system acts as a security surveillance system to deter vandalism and theft.


All data is fed into ACETECH™ Vehicle Intelligence so you can view real-time activity/ playback footage of your fleet from base.


Camera System

ACETECH™ VISION is a state-of-the-art CCTV camera system with the capability for 4 cameras; you can choose from forward and rear cameras, a side mounted camera and an in-cab camera. It has a compact rugged metallic case measuring 192mm x 184mm x 61mm, with a power supply of 8-36V.

Interior Camera

Having an in-cab camera provides added protection for patients and paramedics, as well as for police and passengers. To protect patient privacy, internal cameras may be set to monitor only, without recording footage. To record you simply push a panic button. For example, this could be useful in the event of a staff assault.

Web Based Reporting

All data from the vehicle is fed into our cloud-based software platform called ACETECH™ Vehicle Intelligence. This means that data can be offloaded from the vehicle remotely, rather than visiting each vehicle. You can receive diagnostic alerts, watch live vehicle footage or replay videos. The latter proves useful for driver coaching or vehicle incidents.

High Quality Footage

It’s important to have high quality footage for better visibility when manoeuvring and for driver protection in the event of an accident or claim. VISION Camera Systems use HD cameras to ensure premium quality streaming. This means that road markings, license plates and surroundings are clearly visible.

Storage Capacity

Emergency service vehicles require large amounts of storage to cover hours of video footage on the road. ACETECH™ VISION stores video data from multiple cameras safely and without overwriting for several weeks/months. You can choose between the standard 1TB of data or upgrade to 2TB storage.


Create a Safer Fleet

Protect against Theft

Link Your Fleet with Your Base

Reduce Risk

Create a Better Workplace

Fast and Effective Diagnostic