ACETECH™ DRIVER ID is a driver identification key used for identifying drivers and their driving style.





ACETECH™ DRIVER-ID is a key that is assigned to individual drivers within your fleet, to give you visibility of who is driving each vehicle and their driving behaviour. DRIVER-ID allows you to monitor drivers journey data when they switch between various vehicles. It encourages drivers to be more responsible and accountable for their driving behaviour, resulting in safer and more cost-effective driving.


Safer Driving

Real-time driver data highlights speeding instances, accidents and other driving offences to encourage drivers to drive more responsibly.

Driver Training

Monitoring each driver’s activity is useful for driver training programs and incentivising staff to drive safer and more cost effectively.

Reduce Costs

Coaching more fuel-efficient driving behaviour reduces the carbon footprint of your fleet and reduces fuel costs.


Journey data feeds into ACETECH™ iNSIGHT software and provides driver profiles for monitoring individuals driving behaviour.


Key Fob Design

ACETECH™ DRIVER-ID key is a slimline fob. Each driver simply taps their unique key fob against the Driver ID reader within the vehicle.

Driver Journey Data

Driver information feeds into ACETECH™ iNSIGHT software to accurately record the driver journey. Information captured includes speed, status, seatbelt violations, incidents, location, fuel consumption, idling and more.

Driver Ranking

ACETECH™ Driver Safety System is a comparison chart that highlights how each driver is doing in comparison to the rest of the drivers in the fleet. This can be used as an incentive program to motivate drivers to perform better or as a training program to highlight high and low performance driving.

Switching Vehicles

ACETECH™ DRIVER-ID makes it possible to monitor a driver’s activity when they are using multiple vehicles within a fleet. You can create a search on a specific vehicle to see all drivers or search for a specific driver to view journey data across various vehicles.


Real - Time Driver Information

Driver Training Data

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Identify Safe Drivers

Reduce Fuel Costs

Increased Security