Retrofit the Future
Extend the life of your existing fleet.

With the current vehicle chassis availability crisis and the spiralling cost of fuel, it is reassuring to know there is a lot that can be done to enhance the efficiency of your existing vehicle fleet.

This includes:

  • Improve Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Improved Driver Behavior
  • Extending the life of your existing fleet

Sounds too good to be true? Not with ACETECH’s award winning technology that has been tested and proven on some of the most complex vehicle fleets on the planet.

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ACETECH ECO Retrofit Solutions

Gain top energy efficiency and reduce your fleets environmental impact

Cut down on energy waste and unnecessary idling, and use technology to extend the life of your fleet.

Eliminate excessive idling and unnecessary fuel consumption

Change fuel-intensive driving behaviors for good

Extend battery power using solar technology

Save on fuel and maintain power for your fleet

Change your fleet’s impact and efficiencies at the same time. Cut down on idling time and coach driver behavior to save on fuel costs. Supplement energy supply with solar power built for emergency fleet vehicles, that can reduce your downtime and allow your vehicle to always be charging.

  • Data – all vehicle data
  • Tools to improve driver behaviour.
  • Software and hardware to reduce carbon emissions.
  • A modern solution to power your performance, designed specifically for emergency response fleets
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We are ACETECH. Our purpose is to globally power emergency fleet performance to new levels.

We are the leaders in emergency fleet performance. Our hardware and software is created with efficiency, safety, and performance in mind, to power a new generation of fleets. (BECAUSE OF OUR GLOBAL EFFORTS, WE ARE ….)

ACETECH is setting the Standard of Performance for Emergency Fleets, Globally.



Global Support Structure

US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Qatar, UAE, Australia

Make the shift to True Performance with ACETECH

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A cloud-based fleet management software that allows you to access data 24/7

''Pulaski EMS appreciates being able to look at their ACETECH system because it is designed by thoughtful people who are integrating different aspects of each vehicle with an understanding of the EMS industry. ACETECH knows that Pulaski and other EMS fleets are not the same as truck drivers and delivery drivers, and that EMS drivers need to be able to do all these things and have it all integrated in one spot. This way, paramedics don’t have to find ways to mesh all kinds of different products together within their vehicles."
Mike Mccart

Never question where your assets are, and which assets need to be recalled or serviced.

"I am extremely impressed with how robust, and dependable ACETECH has proven to be in the seven years I have used it to manage our fleet. ACETECH provides one of if not the best customer service supports I have ever experienced. Their people are as excellent as their product."
Myron Lachman, RSE — Emergency Vehicle Technician Lead Hand of City of Red Deer Emergency Services
Myron Lachman, RSE

Enable your paramedics to have full control of the vehicle.

“Since 2013, the Province of Manitoba has equipped their Provincial Fleet ambulances with the Acetech vehicle monitoring system. This system has enabled Manitoba to make informed decisions based on factual evidence, to be used in the ongoing operations as well as reporting to Government and EMS agencies on Fleet ambulance vehicle safety, operations and performance.”
Randall Newman — EMS Officer of Manitoba Provincial Health

Gain top energy efficiency and reduce your fleet’s environmental impact.

"We have found ACETECH AVI, ECU and ECO-Run to be reliable, state-of-the-art products, backed up by a dependable and technical service team. ACETECH allows us to manage our fleet with more efficiency, operate more cost-effectively and make huge carbon savings in the process.”
Dean Wilkinson — Deputy Chief of Essex-Windsor EMS
Dean Wilkilson