RFID stock management is the smart way to manage your supplies.



Asset Intelligence

ACETECH™ Asset Intelligence

Each year there is billions of medical waste in high-value devices and consumables. ACETECH™ Asset Intelligence is an intelligent stock management solution that uses RFID tagging and software to keep track of your supplies. It helps reduce medical supply wastage and assists you with important stock management, stock control and purchasing decisions.



Have a full catalogue view of your stock and instantly find stock you are looking for.


Get alerts about stock expiry dates and maintenance checks to ensure there is no stock wastage.


Keep informed about stock levels, stock replenishment requirements and keep a record of your stock purchasing activities.


All data is fed into ACETECH™ software so you can view detailed stock information for better decision making.


Access Anytime, Anywhere

Log on to your online Asset Intelligence portal and keep track of your stock movements, in real-time. Access your stock system via your desktop, mobile device or using an RFID scanner.

Search Filters

Create a search for a specific SKU or view your full inventory. It’s easy to find your stock using search filters such as the tag ID, name, stock type, location and serial number.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors mean you can now measure and keep track of stock temperatures for compliance and to ensure there is no unnecessary wastage.


Receive alerts for stock nearing its expiry date to help prioritise stock. Stay on top of your inventory and purchasing with stock level alerts. Also, get helpful reminders about maintenance checks to keep your stock in its best condition.


Real-time Stock Checks

Theft Protection

Reduce Stock Wastage

Locate Equipment Instantly

Reduce Costs

Simple Software