The ACETECH™ TOUCH 8 is one of the latest items in the ACETECH™ HMI product range, bringing greater control, efficiency and reliability to emergency service personnel around the world. It brings together many different high-tech features, all packed neatly into a compact 8” touch display.



Stay in control of your vehicle and its electronic equipment at all times, with the simple touch of a screen.


Access navigation maps, journey information, equipment tracking and passenger data all from one unit.


With in-cab WiFi, video streaming and climate control, your crew can stay entertained between calls.


This compact device is ultra lightweight, with a durable lightweight enclosure, that integrates multiple devices into one unit.


Multiple Functions, One Device

With TOUCH 8 it’s no longer necessary to have multiple devices that use up vital space in the cab. Operate safety features, access vital journey information and enjoy in-cab entertainment from the luxury of one streamlined device.

Control Center

Drivers gain full control of the safety features - emergency lights, basic lights, sirens and locks - from this elite in-cab control center. The device also gives drivers access to vital battery monitoring information and diagnostics.

Asset Tracking

Drivers can easily monitor equipment in the vehicle using the RFID tab of the screen. If there is any equipment left behind at the scene, the driver will get an alert to notify them of missing equipment.

Video Streaming

Your driver and crew can keep themselves entertained between calls with this in-cab infotainment unit. WiFi and streaming provides access to the latest Hollywood movies on Netflix, so your driver and crew are kept entertained while they’re waiting.

Live Interactive Maps

Get instant and secure live streaming information on your location (GPS), monitor geo fence zones for hospitals, stations etc and easily find destinations by typing in the location.


Gives Your Drivers Full Control

Prevent Lost/Missing Equipment

Create a Better Workplace

Improve Response Times

Increase Safety on the Road

Modernised Fleet